California BSIS-Certified Baton Training

The Center for Law Enforcement & Security Training (CLEST) offers the eight-hour, BSIS-Certified training in the use of the straight stick, expandable, and side-handle baton (PR-24).

Cost: $120 + $50 State permit. (Valid only when the holder possesses a guard registration card or has applied to BSIS for one.)

Under the State of California’s B & P Code 7585.9, the course of training in the carrying and usage of the baton, shall be in the format prescribed by the Department of Consumer Affairs as delineated in the bureau’s “Baton Training Manual”:

  1. Moral and legal aspects of baton usage.
  2. Use of force.
  3. Baton familiarization and uses.
  4. First aid for baton injuries.
  5. Fundamentals of baton handling.
  6. Stances and grips.
  7. Target areas.
  8. Defensive techniques.
  9. Control techniques.
  10. Arrest and control techniques.
  11. Examination of the subject matter as taught in the classroom

The Center for Law Enforcement and Security Training (CLEST)
a BSIS certified baton/security guard training facility and education center, also offers the following services:

Earn your guard card with eight hours of Powers-to-Arrest training, or complete your annual, eight hour (8) mandated, refresher training. Also available, sixteen (16), twenty-four (24), thirty-two (32) or forty-hour, AB 2880 training.

For more information regarding this course please contact us.