School Security SB1626

School Security Guard TrainingĀ 

We offer the mandated School Security Guard SB 1626 training in three different formats:

In-class at our training site
A combined in-class and online course
Distance learning online/web based course

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1. Who must be trained?

All school security guards or school security officers employed by a school district more than 20 hours per week.

2. What school security guard training is required by SB 1626 and when must it be completed?

The bill requires completion of a 24 hour training course using a curriculum jointly by BSIS/POST.

3. How can I obtain a copy of the approved school security guard training curriculum?

The curriculum can be obtained via the Internet at

4. What regulatory authority does BSIS and the California Department of Education have with respect to SB 1626?

An LEA may contract with a PPO to provide security to students. Employees of an LEA that provide security to students are not regulated by BSIS.

However, all school security guards employed by a PPO who contract with an LEA to provide security to students, and all security officers employed by an LEA who provides security to students, must complete a course of training mandated by SB 1626.

Any school security guard or officer who has completed an approved Penal Code Section 832.2 course after October 1990, is exempt from the SB 1626 Training.

5. What administrative records, if any, must be kept by school districts in order to comply with SB 1626?

SB 1626 does not mandate what records must be kept.

6. Are school districts required to issue certificates to district security personnel who take and complete the school security guard training?

No, but as discussed above, this is recommended for record-keeping purposes.

7. Are school district security personnel who provide school security required by SB 1626 to meet the same training requirements as guards who provide school security and are employed by PPO’s?

Yes. It is the responsibility of the LEA to assure that its “school security officer” employees as defined by Education Code Section 38001.5 (c) receive the training.

8. Are school districts required to use the SB 1626 training curriculum to provide the school security guard training course?


9. Are SB 1626 training requirements for school security officers in addition to fingerprint and background check requirements that all school employees must satisfy prior to employment by school districts?


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